Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cape Breton Sojourn

Fall colours

The Cabot Trail - wild and windy!

I had a brief journey to Cape Breton last week, joined by my siblings Colin, Kathleen - pictured in blue above - and Alan. Alan made all the arrangement for us - it was our dad's wish that his ashes be scattered in the Atlantic, after all he was a Cape Bretoner, born in Murray and spending most of his youth in the Margaree Valley. Our mom's ashes were also scattered as they were united once again - she being of course from Belfast. It was a lovely day after a couple of very windy ones - we weren't sure we were going to be able to make the trip out in the boat. Many thanks to Bird Island Tours.

Colin with the flag...
Kathleen - in blue - and I taking our turns scattering the ashes.

That's our cousin Virgina..she and Rick were wonderful hosts.

A view from out on the water...

It was great to spend time with my siblings even though part of our reason for being together was a sad one. We did manage to enjoy the spectacular Cabot Trail and being near the ocean - our hotel, the Cambridge Suites was right in the Sydney Harbour.

Our cousin Virginia took this one...

That is Whisper, a border collie pup - full of energy!

I was surprised at how easy it was to get veg options in places - we ate lunch at a place called the Rusty Anchor - I know it doesn't sound like it will have those things on the menu does it? But they had a chickpea salad sandwich and tasty homemade veggie soup. Things have changed since I was last out there about 10 years ago...they even know what vegans are and some places advertise gluten Guess they figure they need to cater to the tourist was an amazing drive as always.
This is the view from where our dad and siblings were born and grew up...there were some boards and bricks left from the site -we each took a little reminder. 

We stopped for lunch at the Cedar Lodge and lo and behold there was the Great Pumpkin in the parking lot!
Next post - I get to meet the Long Island Medium!