Saturday, September 28, 2013

L'Occitane en Provence and other pretty things

Immortelle Divine EyesI have been enjoying trying out some of the "Imortelle Divine" line from L'Occitane as I always enjoy checking out new beauty and skincare. I had a mini facial with their cleansing foam, new lotion (pictured below)Immortelle Divine Lotion - kind of like a toner but creamier, the extract and cream. The products have been getting some rave reviews - I am really liking the eye cream the "regard divin". I find  many of their products delicious smelling - I have the Almond Oil Shower Oil and the Shea Ultra Rich Scrub - very creamy.

Almond Shower Oil
I also splurged on their Brightening lotion - which has an SPF of 40, is very light and does indeed brighten your complexion - you may not even want to put make up on or mix it with your foundation.

Aromachologie Repairing ConditionerBrightening UV Shield SPF40
I also got a sample of their Repairing Conditioner which smells lovely and works wonderfully...can't wait to try out more products.. They are also generous with sampling - always a bonus for me as I do like to try things out before investing in them.

This week has been girly girl week it seems - I also got a couple of new lip colours for fall - one is from one my favourite lines - Guerlain. It's from the Fall collection of lipsticks - Madame Reve - a lovely bright pink.

The other shades are Madame Batifole - more intense fuchsia and a sheer reddish shade Madame Flirte. The glosses also look lovely as does the blush palette.
You can select from a section or sweep over the whole lot goes on very sheer - not as frightening as you might expect - there is a brush included in the compact. As always - great colours and beautiful presentation. It helped that there was a 20% off promotion and my King and Peter Shoppers Drug Mart as well! Love that. I do love being able to use my points as well - probably the best reward program going...

I also visited Sephora and picked up a gloss in the new Marc Jacobs line...

A great grape-y/berry colour for fall - gorgeous looking products. The gloss is beautiful.

Also because I adore French cosmetics an Yves St. Laurent lipstick:

Yves Saint Laurent - VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY - Glossy Balm Crystal ColorIt's Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy - the shade is Sweet Fig - which is called red - but it's pretty neutral. I was also eyeing the Sheer Berry. I love the texture of these - very moisture rich.

Speaking of candy and specifically eye candy - I was just watching some of the latest version of the "Great Gatsby" . I say some of it because it is loud and cartoonish - using rap/ hip- hop and very little of the music of that era - not really my vision of what the movie version of this classic novel could and should be. For me I find the music really sets the mood  - I guess it's an attempt to connect with the young folks. Whatever. Nothing wrong with educating them as to how the era actually sounded.  I found it very over the top and grew quickly annoyed with the visuals - and that's saying something for a person who loves films like "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" and "Edward Scissorhands" - yes, I do love Tim Burton's work. There seemed to be this constant bombardment of "look how busy and colourful I can make this scene" - pay no attention to the characters, plot or dialogue. I also realize I'm not a Baz Luhrmann fan - I couldn't stand Moulin Rouge.  Closer to the mark for me - although still flawed was the 1970s era version with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow - better casting for Daisy as the unattainable object of desire. I believe Gatsby should be played much more enigmatic and mysterious - more of a Don Draper really than ex college frat boy.

I do have a couple of things PVR'd - "V for Vendetta" and some "Castle" plus some "Scott and Bailey" - a great British crime drama.

Looking forward to checking out the new vegan bakery on Bloor and Lansdowne tomorrow "Through Being Cool"....1277 Bloor Street West. There may be pictures....

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fika Cafe and Mamma's Pizza

You wouldn't think those things could be related and they aren't really other than  they are two new discoveries I have made. I am always on the look out for new cafes and especially ones that are comfortable places to enjoy a good read.

Fika Cafe is a charming Scandinavian themed place in Kensington Market. It has the usual clean lines you would expect - a front and back patio - and delicious coffee. I had a cardamom one - soooo yummy. They offer a variety of beverages, snacks and lunch items including treats and  salads. There are little ginger cookies in the shape of horse.
It's charming!

I do seem to have this thing for Scandinavian themed places as I love Thor Espresso Bar as well.

They are on 28 Kensington Avenue -

As for Mamma's Pizza - in case you didn't know they now offer 3 vegan selections with Daiya Cheese. I picked up a couple of slices for the hubby and I last week - OMG!! I went with the Primavera - next time I will be more adventurous with the Spicy Vegan - they also offer Olive Press which has potatoes on it. I can't wait to try all three! Please support this bold decision. I also like that if you are ordering a pizza you can get whole wheat or gluten free (in the 12 inch size).One more sign that the new age of enlightenment is here...

Olive Press

I would really love to know what prompted them to make the change...any other chains out there taking notice?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A visit to the Farm

On Sunday a few of us ventured out to Ted Thorpe's Organic Farm - he is one of the farmers who come to Trinity Bellwoods Market - I'm sure you've seen Ted around town with his halo of curly white hair. I think he also supplies a number of stores and restaurants - I know I've seen him at 4 Life in Kensington and Feel Good Guru as well as at Dufferin Grove market.

It's a wonderful spot and on Sundays he has his own market - selling veggies and fruit, all kinds of delicious edibles and at 1 p.m. grab a hay bale or chair/couch and listen to some music.

Carolyn Wong our amazing TBFM organizer took the photos - amazing.

Amazing cabbage!
Going for a ride.
Here we are enjoying the music....

Friday, September 13, 2013


A little creature just like this one was hanging around me while I was downstairs in our courtyard reading yesterday. It landed on the pink ballet shoes that I had set beside the lounge chair and even on the chair itself down near my feet.

Intrigued I looked up some meanings for dragonfly sightings and lore. Some say it is a sign of transformation and good luck or that it means to pay attention to the present moment as these insects themselves have such brief lives.  According to native mythology the dragonfly has shape shifting properties - hence back to transformation or a least some lovely magic. I do admire them and have for the longest time - it was great watching them in the skies at Folk Fest this August.

Another particularly charming interpretation is that dragonflies are connected to the faerie realm - and in fact may be fairies themselves if you look at them the right way. I also, of course, adore fairies.

I am most pleased with the transformation aspect as it is where I am on my journey - heck, it's even the name of my blog. Whatever the meaning, I can admire the beautiful, iridescent and elegant dragonfly for itself.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book Recommendations

This is a gorgeously written novel - which spans a century or so including the Civil War in the U. S. and features aviators, a peace negotiator, Frederick Douglass and Northern Ireland. It is one of the most beautiful reads I've come across - mesmerizing - I can't wait to read more from this writer. It was also poignant for me as my dear departed mom was from Belfast.

Second up - "Paris" - a sweeping saga over centuries of the City of Light by that master storyteller of metropolises - Edward Rutherfurd. Again he tells the stories of a few families over generations in this epic novel. Great characters, storylines and a compelling history lesson. Fantastique!