Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fika Cafe and Mamma's Pizza

You wouldn't think those things could be related and they aren't really other than  they are two new discoveries I have made. I am always on the look out for new cafes and especially ones that are comfortable places to enjoy a good read.

Fika Cafe is a charming Scandinavian themed place in Kensington Market. It has the usual clean lines you would expect - a front and back patio - and delicious coffee. I had a cardamom one - soooo yummy. They offer a variety of beverages, snacks and lunch items including treats and  salads. There are little ginger cookies in the shape of horse.
It's charming!

I do seem to have this thing for Scandinavian themed places as I love Thor Espresso Bar as well.

They are on 28 Kensington Avenue -

As for Mamma's Pizza - in case you didn't know they now offer 3 vegan selections with Daiya Cheese. I picked up a couple of slices for the hubby and I last week - OMG!! I went with the Primavera - next time I will be more adventurous with the Spicy Vegan - they also offer Olive Press which has potatoes on it. I can't wait to try all three! Please support this bold decision. I also like that if you are ordering a pizza you can get whole wheat or gluten free (in the 12 inch size).One more sign that the new age of enlightenment is here...

Olive Press

I would really love to know what prompted them to make the change...any other chains out there taking notice?

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