Friday, September 13, 2013


A little creature just like this one was hanging around me while I was downstairs in our courtyard reading yesterday. It landed on the pink ballet shoes that I had set beside the lounge chair and even on the chair itself down near my feet.

Intrigued I looked up some meanings for dragonfly sightings and lore. Some say it is a sign of transformation and good luck or that it means to pay attention to the present moment as these insects themselves have such brief lives.  According to native mythology the dragonfly has shape shifting properties - hence back to transformation or a least some lovely magic. I do admire them and have for the longest time - it was great watching them in the skies at Folk Fest this August.

Another particularly charming interpretation is that dragonflies are connected to the faerie realm - and in fact may be fairies themselves if you look at them the right way. I also, of course, adore fairies.

I am most pleased with the transformation aspect as it is where I am on my journey - heck, it's even the name of my blog. Whatever the meaning, I can admire the beautiful, iridescent and elegant dragonfly for itself.

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