Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fragrance: Friend or Foe?

I love great scents and perfumes - over the years I've worn Opium, Obsession, Fendi Theorema (sadly missed in North America) Coco, Angel, Lolita Lempicka, numerous Guerlain fragrances and on an on -usually on the oriental ends of the spectrum - with some gourmand notes.

While shopping today at Eaton's Centre - some place I don't visit often I found many products I was smelling to be cloying and synthetic..is this a function of getting older and wiser (read more discriminating) I wonder? I found my nose actually feeling assaulted by a certain British soap shop..it's a four letter word. Strangely, there was a time when I worked for another famous British soap company and got used the very strong aromas...except for when a bottle of White Musk was broken or spilled.

I seem to find myself gravitating towards natural scents these days - the essences of the plants and flowers, not chemically altered in any way - that goes for anything from body products and shampoo to hair products. It wasn't always that way - there was a time I would have found those notes medicinal and unappealing. These days, lavender is a nice relaxing aroma but I wouldn't have found it so in my twenties.

I even go a little makeover at the Clarins counter in the Bay and though I used to be a Clarins customer some time ago found they cleansers and moisturizers to be somewhat headache inducing. They do have lovely colours though.

I did go through a brief flirtation with Bath and Body Works...largely because I get a sensory overload when I go in there - so many products, you feel compelled to buy something. I do live Yves Rocher Vetiver Body Wash and Bamboo and Green Tea ones - they are more on the fresh end of the spectrum. I also really enjoy my Pure and Simple Holistic Vanity skincare and John Master's Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash, 100 per cent pure products...again scents which employ natural essences and not artificial ones. Also, some Kiehl's products like their Soy and Honey body creams and lotions - tasty.

I also seem to notice an overdose of perfume on other people and find that yes, the younger scent are often guilty of this - most often when there are crowds of them along King West on a Saturday night.I believe the French (who know their fragrances) said you should only be aware of a scent when you are very close as in intimate with someone. Those French are so wise.

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