Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Amour de Beaute

That's a hopefully French way of declaring at this Valentine's week - my love of beauty of all kinds and especially beauty products - in particular those that are kind to your body, animals  and the planet.

I've recently discovered the Andalou line which has a variety of skin care, hair care and body care products with delightfully fresh scents. I have starting using their hair conditioner (Argan and orange) - it also says for curly hair on the bottle and their Mandarin and Vanilla shower gel..can't wait to try more. Another beautiful thing about the products - the price point - very reasonable and available in many health food stores.

Number two - a local line called "Clinical Luxury by Nature" - I have yet to actually sample the wares - I will need to either take the leap of faith and order online or seek them out at Eco Existence up on St. Clair..which would be a worthy excursion. Again - many delicious sounding ingredients, all natural, local company and largely vegan - except for a bit of manuka honey. One of their products even has broccoli seeds in it and their Serum a variety of fruit - raspberry, blueberry etc. - I love when the ingredients are edible - as they say if you can't eat it why would you put it on your body?

I highly recommend the book I'm reading "The Street of A Thousand Blossoms" by Gail Tsukiyama - I now have a screen saver with an image of a Japanese garden in winter - so that is on my dream list - a trip to Japan. I have become a big fan of her writing - she is an amazing storyteller. This tale is about two brothers growing up in pre and post war Tokyo and being brought up by their grandparents. One is an aspiring sumo wrestler and the other an aspiring mask maker and artisan. It's all here - triumph and tragedy, love and loss, joy and sadness. I also advise you to check out "Women of the Silk" by this fabulous author. Can't wait to read more of her books.

I sometimes think I had a past lifetime in Japan.

On a last foodie note - please know that a number of veg restaurants have menus for you and your sweetie or even your best friend - Veg Haven, Sadie's, Rawlicious, Hogtown...visit as always that fount of veg knowledge -

And for those chocolate fanatics, a visit to Ten Thousand Villages this morning revealed a yummy Divine Dark Chocolate Bar with Raspberries and in anticipation Easter - Dark Chocolate Eggs - which are scrumptious! So eat something wonderful and feel wonderful about the source and where your funds are going..I also couldn't resist purchasing some earrings - I find the artistry and affordability astounding.

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