Thursday, December 3, 2015


First, before I get to my latest cafe find I must tell you about my visit to the One of a Kind show yesterday...where I spent 4 hours!? I had only intended to go for two..but it is huge..

I met the designer of this gorgeous outfit - her company is called "Metamorphose" from Montreal - it's her first time at the show. Her name is Karine Demers and she is delightful..her style is right up my alley - feminine and gorgeous - lots of flower prints..this two piece outfit which I couldn't resist buying is amazing. The fabric on the skirt is a mix of stretch on the section and some kind of soft waxed cotton on the floral part - you have to feel it to believe's called "Clara". Very unique clothing and oh so cutting edge chic - what we expect from Montrealers...there are also kids outfits.

Now to coffee - this relatively new cafe - Constantinople Bakery and Cafe has been on Queen West near Bathurst for a few months but I have only discovered it recently. I think it's the urge to hibernate which has lead to these new cafe discoveries! It's Turkish themed with lots of space - a great spot for meetups. There are Turkish delicacies - they do a lot of their own baked goods, soups, sandwiches and even have chocolate for sale...I bought some chocolate covered pistachios which are "scrummy" to use Mary's phrase from the "Great British Baking Show". I don't know about you but I have never encountered chocolate covered pistachios before - every other kind of nut, yes..

If you order traditional Turkish coffee they serve it with Turkish delight. Staff are welcoming and accommodating.

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