Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Strong One in Kensington Market

This beautiful (and scrumptious) cake was purchased at The Strong One in Kensington Market - it had apple cider/and chai flavouring  with maple frosting featuring rosebuds on top as decoration..plus is was vegan, people..soo moist !

Picking up my thread of trying out new cafes this is one that had somehow escaped my radar even though I regularly visit the Market!

I had a fabulous Lavender Honey Latte as well..they have lots of their own home baking including "hand pies", cookies and treats and prepare sandwiches with freshly baked croissants or vegan wraps. They have a nice selection of special drinks - both coffee and teas.

It's very cosy and bright - with fun cushions covers sewn b the owner's mother featuring medieval tapestries with unicorns and images of the Brontes. I look forward to coming here in the warmer weather and sitting out front..my Cafe Happy meetup group would like it as they have a sign on the front that says "Coffee Makes You Happy". They also have another cafe on College called The Empire.

Oh I should also mention the barista was playing interesting music on a turntable..someone named Johnny Rigo and..taking me back to my teens - Elvis Costello!! 68 Wales Avenue..tucked in behind the hospital emergency entrance.

ImageAlso on a foodie note..we tried out D'Beatstro on Bloor on Sunday and it was delicious - one of the best tofu scrams I've had..french toast and great home fries..their home baked beans were fun too. I had the French Toast and F had the Gluten Free Breakfast. They even make their own vegan sausages...nice to find another vegan brunch spot.  Looks like a yummy selection of baked goods as well..however we were full and after walking for a bit got a Cowboy Cookie and brownie from Bloomer's instead..next time!

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