Wednesday, May 4, 2016


 This annual feast...a veg take on the Winterlicious and Summerlicious Toronto prix fixe restaurant menu extravaganza was launched at an intimate lunch hour get together over at the 519 Community Centre on Church Street Community last Friday April 29th.

There were of course lots of wonderful nibbles and even beer! See Beau's Brewing Company below...I sampled two of their selections and they were hoppin delicious...The Farmtable I.P.A. and the Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale. Lots to share as they come in large bottles...

I did sample dessert first as in these delicious Apple Pie squares from Sweets from the Earth (one of my fave vegan baked goods purveyors). I also got to try their new Chocolate Almond Biscotti - which are gluten free and Coffee Cake muffins..

For something a little more substantial I filled out the beer and sugar with a salad from Kupfert and Kim, a butternut squash risotto and falafel  from Fabarnak (right in the 519 Community Centre) building and an appetizer sampling from Taboule (which included hummous and a baby falafel). They also had an amazing rice pudding with rosewater and orange for dessert (that's part of their prix fixe offering).
I was a little busy eating so didn't take as many photos as I should..however you will be able to take photos of your own to your heart's content starting May 6 through the 22nd. There are many participating restaurants including Doug's Public Kitchen, Grasshopper, D'Beatstro, Bloomers, Free Times, Fresh, Lettuce Love...and on and on including restaurants not normally listed as veg. I think the Windsor Arms offering looks particularly many places so little time.

Sponsored by Yamchops, Kupfert and Kim, Prairie Girl Baker, Tabule, Foodora and Beau's. won't even have to leave your house!

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