Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back to reality

I have been posting about my fabulous trip to Britain on my Jazz Goddess blog...oh, the adjustment of coming back to Toronto...I really really loved it there - so veg friendly and especially adored Scotland - great sense of humour and the accent is divine. I think I felt a special "homecoming" while on Scottish soil..communing with the ancestors.

And now it's back to the "real" world and figuring out what is next...I'm already thinking of travelling again...I saw a very enticing Rick Steves program on Andalusia in Spain - Nerja, Granada, Seville, etc. etc...maybe taking some Spanish classes would be a good idea?

The kittens have certainly grown in our absence - but are not yet tired of the Aquarium Channel....

Billie is on the left and Lester on the right..he is twice her size...I did miss them when we were away and they are a joy to have around as well as comforting..even when their toys (i.e. sparkly balls) go under the stove every day..

As for me I'm following some of the Oprah's Lifeclass series - these past couple of week with Joel Osteen and that has been inspiring and now I'm enrolled on the Chopra Center 21 Day Meditation Challenge - it's very soothing to listen to his voice and have the daily centering thought. Today's was "Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life".

I'm thinking I need to embrace some more cleansing and raw foods into my life, I am craving carbs these days with the colder weather and darker days and sugar...not good.

Now I am back I find new inspiration to blog on this space...oh and I was very happy to see the front page of the Toronto Star today - Obama won!  There's a good sign for the future right there.

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