Monday, December 3, 2012

Cleaning house

I decided to get rid of a few things today, on the advice of my friend Richard and feeling that purging myself of old items makes way for new and better things.

A few of the items I purged were old journals and yes, I know you should hold onto those for posterity - for when you become a celebrity...:)  However, these many journals chronicled a time in my life a few years ago when I was unhealthily obsessed with someone - is an obsession every really healthy? I agonized over their every word and action, feeling like a teenager...I consulted friends and advisors and psychics to give me insight into his very soul. Would that I had paid attention to a couple of friends who had his number from the get go..a self absorbed individual who liked the ego strokes my attention provided. Lesson learned and therefore why I chose to clear the area of those painful writings. Yes, I do feel better ,lighter, wiser, wealthier.

I also cleared out some cookbooks I hadn't used in a while. I read some de-cluttering advice which I found very helpful, in essence, ask yourself "Do I Love It? Do I Need It? Do I Use It?" Wise words.

I had a couple of very fun experiences as of my last writing. Last night I went to hear Mboya Nicholson, a wonderful pianist from Edmonton, who studied with Ellis Marsalis at a cozy room in St. Paul's Church on Bloor. This was presented by Keita Hopkinson who operates Toronto Jazz Buzz - contact him - you can Google if you would like this salon experience in your own home. We were treated to Duke Ellington, Eubie Blake and Mboya's own composition in the hour long concert. Cozy.

I also attended a book reading by my yoga teacher Luba Lechyshyn - "Theft by Chocolate" at Choco Sol Traders. I got a chocolate high as I'm sure many others did - lots of samples of their delicious chocolate, raw and roasted cacao beans (loved those), hot chocolate and delicious readings by Luba. We had a great turnout and learned about chocolate. Luba's book - a mystery but without the murder of course deals with that intoxicating substance - her heroine is a bit of an addict and takes place at a museum which strongly resembles the ROM - Luba used to work there.

Tomorrow night is an RBC event in honour of "Jazzology" and their sponsorship of our show - there will be music of course from a few of our guests..I'll let you know how that turns out....

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