Friday, March 8, 2013

Is Glinda a Type 2?

Unless you follow Carol Tuttle's brilliant "Dressing Your Truth" you may not know what I'm talking about and if you don't all the more reason for you to check it out - there are 4 "types" in all which are more about your personal expression through movement, speech, behaviour and facial features than through what you wear - but you are given lots of great guidance on that too...dressing to express your true self.

I consider myself a Type 2 - soft, subtle, elegant, flowing. I myself dressed as Glinda the Good Witch for a Hallowe'en party in university - what does that tell me - was I trying to connect myself to her way back when? In the "Wizard of Oz" - Glinda as portrayed by Billie Burke was somewhat of a Type 1/2 mixture - she had lots of sparkle - including her bubbly laugh, glistening tall crown and floating diaphanous dress - maybe more Type 2 there.

It was no surprise then I found myself at a screening for "Oz - The Great and Powerful" today to see what Michelle Williams does with the same character. From her gentle, kind nature to her clothing (always a soft white, with delicate embellishment and embroidery - even feathers- flowing and in this picture notice the downward movement of the dress design as well as a gem which "drips" from her crown. Her magic is even expressed in a Type 2 manner - creating bubbles for people to float in and conjuring up the soft enveloping fog to stymie her enemies. She is ethereal, graceful lovely and her speaking voice is low and modulated. Even her wand is understated.  True to her nature she is also sentimental - she rules by benevolence and listening to those around her - especially her subjects. It seems initially she is no match for the evil sisters Eudora and Evanora. But she does have Oz - the "wizard" on her side.

Eudora and Evanora are also interesting to "typecast". SPOILER ALERT. Eudora - played by Mila Kunis is seen first as the rescuer of Oscar, seemingly sweet and naive, sporting a big red hat, coat, leather pants and white shirt...hints of her Type 3 character perhaps? Or perhaps being forced into that role by her sister - the regal and dominating Evanora played by Rachel Weisz. Eudora does seem spirited, vivid, glowing and adventurous when we first meet her - her sister turns those qualities along with her positive nature on their head for her own ends.  Evanora sweeps around in very bold, striking outfits with spiky accents - guess what her power is? Yep, electricity. I peg her as a Type 4 - she is confident, queenly, strong and decisive.  Notice there is even a "widows peak" created with her hair ornament. There is also high contrast with her hair colour and porcelain skin.

The downward spiral of Eudora into her grotesque form embodies the extremes of Type 3 - doing whatever it takes to get things done, impetuousness, dynamic and action oriented - in a word intense. What is her magic power? Fire of course! Her facial features even distort to pointed eyebrows and nose.

I never realized I enjoyed fantasy - but I guess I do. And hey, maybe I am talking out of my pointed hat but it sure has been fun writing about these characters from the Dressing Your Truth perspective. I would also say James Franco's character of "Oz" is a Type 1 - he is buoyant, lively, inventive, fun loving, a big flirt and always has a twinkle in his eye, after all he deals with the impossible - being a magician and something of a con man. He uses his charm and ingenuity to get him out of sticky situations including battling the wicked sisters.


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