Friday, May 24, 2013

Sometimes I want to live in a EQ3 Store

Or pick your favourite home furnishings place. I like this location - particularly the one in Liberty Village because of the aesthetic - simple, clean lines and some Marimekko thrown in for colour. It has most things
you would need - a bed, a desk, a couch, chair, dishes, lamps. etc etc or in this case multiples. You could just move from one space to another and don't worry about getting tired of the decor because it would change periodically anyway and with staff on hand you wouldn't have to worry about getting rid of anything.

Can you tell I am a little frustrated with clutter in my home? Yes, I do reside with a pack rat and we have been holding onto stuff for the seven odd years we have moved to the condo. Sheesh. How refreshing it would be sometimes to reside in the uncluttered fantasy that is EQ3. Plus, there would be many places to eat in the neighbourhood including now a new "Live"!! I guess you might have a problem keeping food cool as they don't sell refrigerators - unless you lived in a home furnishings store that did so, along with washers and dryers. But details, details - it is a fantasy right?

I keep saying that clearing out the old is good for the soul or feng shui or take your pick...just getting rid of crap period. Unburdening and breaking free!

Although things are stagnant in the home, they will be moving and grooving in the community garden plot - just planted all the seeds and tomato plants and with a nice sprinkling of rain they are already starting to make an appearance....barring interference from groundhogs.

I'm also planning on starting a cleanse - which I promise I will write about  - it is a promotional cleanse sent to me. 6 packets of dried fruit, probiotics, protein, vitamins and minerals. Yummy fruits like mango and pineapple, blueberry and banana...more to come. You are also advised to follow a raw vegan diet while on this program - that is 3 days worth but I'm thinking of continuing beyond that...

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