Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why We Are Here

I participated in a fun experiment on Tuesday night - not a scientific but artistic one..presented by Nightswimming Theatre. It involves an impromptu community choir and is moving around each week to a new Toronto location. On Tuesday night it happened to be in the lovely Trinity St. Paul's church on Bloor - home of Tafelmusick...they have also been renovating the space and it was lovely to participate.  A fun way to spend an evening for a mere $15 or PWYC..emphasis on the PWYC.

At first I felt a little like an outsider since many of the folks who showed up seemed to know each other..and don't worry you don't need choral experience to join. After a few vocal excercises, led by the conductor that evening - whose name I didn't catch sorry - save to say she also conducts choral groups at Miles Nadal Community Centre down the street - we dove into the first piece - a "morning song" in Ojibway! Jane, our native liason led us through the pronunciation and how the piece would have been sung..much more nasal. Since the theme for the evenings is "Why We Are Here", the property the church stands on was of course forested like much of Toronto prior to European arrival. Did you know that Dundas was a hunting/walking trail?

After the break - it seems to be a universal tradition that there must be snacks at choir rehearsals - we moved onto a Resistance piece in Yiddish called "The Hour Strikes"! We got into the spirit of the piece marching around and greeting each other and urging via eye contact and touch to join! You can check out their Facebook page...and maybe come out to the next rehearsal...

This week was one for branching out as I also attended the Spiritual Shift Cafe last night. Organized by Steve these weekly sessions at Timothy's World Coffee at 2098 Yonge explore great themes around the Law of Attraction and they're interactive. Last night's was "Creating Your Ideal Life" so we had to come up with what that meant to us and for some of the attendees put that intention out there. There were a few people who had very clear ideas and were well on the way. I of course am a work in progress but it was good to be reminded that the things we enjoyed doing as children - wanted to do and not felt we should do -can bring us closer to that realization. Concentrate on what we love to do that is to say. He runs a few other Meetup groups around similiar themes. Lots of food for thought that 's for sure. It's nice to be part of a like minded group.

Zoya Nail Polish ZP519  Kelly  Purple Gray Blue Nail Polish Cream Nail Polish
This colour is called Kelly - the one I chose a beautiful grey!

In a bizarre segue - which I am known for - I chose to explore a new beauty salon - Sekai on Queen Street West - just west of Shaw for a mani/pedi. It's a lovely clean space, the owners very friendly and great service - they believe in carrying lines which are more body and environment friendly - using Zoya nail polish, Primavera skin care and one of my favourite lines - LoveFresh - a Toronto based company making delicious sugar scrubs and body moisturizers. They offer the usual esthetic services - mani/pedi, facials and even do wash and blow outs.

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