Monday, November 9, 2015

Bean and Baker Malt Shop

Recently I have decided that perhaps I am in a cafe rut - just going a few blocks to my fave places in the King and Queen West neighbourhood so I ventured a little further north to this very cool retro shop/ Yes,  you can get ice cream (they have Coconut Bliss for vegans!) and malts along with coffee, tea ,cocoa, baked goods, soup and sandwiches - while feeling you are travelling back in time. The soups sounded good too as I heard them describing the rotation including tomato split pea and minestrone.

The staff are even dressed to the period and the music is also nostalgic. The owner has a history in the coffee and spice business and his wife is a pastry chef. The red stools and chairs and tables make me regret losing my old set - at the time it was 30 years old and still going strong. I asked the owner about them and there is a distributor in Cambridge that sources them from a place in the U.S. Midwest - made in America! I believe it's called "Nostaligia Inc".

The spot is at the corner of Harbord and Grace and is bright and cheerful - my soy latte was great and I had a cookie and a vegan pie to go...I'll be back. 

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