Friday, January 18, 2013

A Glimpse of Spring

Spring Look 2012As I write this the temperatures are in the minus territory and there is a light dusting of snow on the ground here in Toronto. So you might forgive me for a little fantasy as I received a hint of warmer days to come this morning in my inbox - an email from Yves St. Laurent Beauty featuring the gorgeous spring colours...I am posting them down below so you can start salivating too.

I realize perhaps this company is not politically correct - not sure where their stance is on animal testing so 40 lashes with a wet noodle for me - thank you Dear Abby. However,what cannot be denied is the innate style sense of the French - their cosmetic companies also produce such gorgeous palettes and to die for packaging. These days who doesn't want a bit of affordable luxury, to purchase a little je ne sais quoi? I particularly love the nail polish colour and GREEN mascara! Green is apparently the new "it" colour, particularly in emerald shades for spring. I have found the Faux Cils mascara quite frankly to be the best mascara I've used and I've tried many, many mascaras high and low end. There are lovely shades of peach and rose in lipsticks and blushes as well.

Enjoy. Dreaming is free as Blondie said.
 La Laque CouturePure Chromatics Collector No 14Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À LèvresLuxurious Mascara For a False Lash Effect

I am currently on the Joyous 10 Day detox - created by the lovely Joy McCarthy - check out her website to join and get delicious recipes, hints, coaching and much valuable nutrition information courtesy of this sparkly nutritionist - she really is a great advertisement for her services and comes from a place of dealing with her own digestive issues. I have taken a couple of workshops of hers as well at 889 Yoga.  You can catch her on the Global Morning Show on occasion too.

And now I will slip back into World War II era Britain while reading "Princess Elizabeth's Spy" - the second in a mystery series featuring the intrepid Maggie Hope of "Mr. Churchill's Secretary" - I can't tell you how exciting it was to visit the Churchill War Rooms that Susan Elia Macneal was writing about in London itself.

Princess Elizabeth's Spy: A Maggie Hope Mystery

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