Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I've always been a fan of this sultry beauty but had never seen "The Barefoot Contessa" with Humphrey Bogart and beautiful Italian scenery and gorgeous gowns. It's the story of a movie star told from the viewpoints of three men who knew her best - including her director and husband.

One of the rare gifts of Miss Gardner is that not only is she a divine glamourpuss but that underlying vulnerability. I advise you to check out this flick sometime if you can. A wonderful escape. She has no equivalent today. Also for a double dose of steaminess - watch her in "The Killers" - a great film noir that also has the wonderful Burt Lancaster - double eye candy.

Did you know that when she was filming "Showboat" the studio stupidly decided to dub her wonderful husky voice? Check it out.

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