Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Evolve and Resolve

Ah yes, the New Year's "To Do" list or is that to be or not to be, the time to exercise every day, eat healthy, put bad relationships behind you, stop smoking, drinking, complaining etc etc.

I confess I am guilty of making my own list of "intentions"...but as my pilates instructor said last night - it's all well and good to make resolutions you have to follow them up with ACTIONS. So true, and there in lies the rub...

For myself one of my endeavours is to write every day and hopefully that means this blog. The eating healthy and exercising are also in there of course as well as meditation, singing, de-cluttering and more daunting - think of learning to drive and to get some meaningful employment - well, if not meaningful initially at least somewhat lucrative - so I can pay for things like singing lessons, driving lessons and whatever else strikes my fancy. With the time left over - read inspiring books and do some more volunteer work.

One of the major tasks ahead is not to be too hard on myself - or for you to be too hard on yourself. I understand some 50 per cent or so of people who start out with great guns in January...fall off the wagon by February...thus why this month is so lucrative for gyms and organizations like Weight Watchers.

I will keep you up to date on my progress of course - tonight I'm off to a Law of Attraction evening which hopefully will newly inspire me as I certainly seem to need that of late...could be SAD or just being 50ish. I'm looking for something hopeful on the horizon. Happy New Year everyone.

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